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    U.S. Marine LCpl Christopher Blake Rodgers, 1/2 Bravo Co. KIA 01 Sep 2010 in Afghanistan. Operation Enduring Freedom.

    “As the motorcade left the airport to return to Griffin, Georgia, the family watched as all southbound traffic on Interstate 75 was halted. Once again, as the procession advanced, many additional vehicles joined in to show respect for Rodgers’ sacrifice.

    Still in awe at the outpouring of support in Rodgers’ honor, his family members expressed disbelief as four helicopters also joined the procession, and were unprepared for the sight of nearly every overpass along the route being manned by personnel standing at attention.

    Once in Griffin, the motorcade began to pass thousands of people who had turned out to welcome Rodgers home. From the very young to the elderly, many openly cried and waved American flags as the motorcade passed.

    While none in his family were prepared for the overwhelming community response, each was thankful that so many chose to honor Rodgers’ ultimate sacrifice.”

    Thank you, Blake. Semper Fi, Marine

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      I get choked up reading things like this. It’s heart breaking and heart warming at the same time to see a face that died...
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